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Giving you everything you need to bring the magic back

Digital relationship products for couples who want to be intentional about their relationship happiness!

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Date night

Our date night games give you one less thing to think about and make quality time quality again!

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Our fun couples activities make reconnecting super easy and fun- and not a chore!

For busy couples who have been together yonks and want to stay together even longer

All our products have been designed to help you reconnect quickly and easily.


Created by a qualified Sex and Relationships Educator, everything is theory-based, tried and tested and, most importantly, FUN!

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happiness- boosting

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So lovely, how can we help you?


"Our sex life is


Every relationship goes through times where the passion is seriously lacking! Knowing how normal this is, we've created some simple couples activities to help you rediscover and explore your desires together. Get all the support you need to create your next steps.


"We want to try something new"

Growth is key to the success of a long-term relationship! If you're in this space right now, and you're considering trying something new we have a whole host of couples activities and workbooks to guide you. Discover what's right for you, right now.


"We're in a

relationship rut"

All relationships have peaks and troughs, so if you're in a rut right now don't panic! We created a mini-course all about reconnection just for you. Work through the five audio lessons, complete the fun couples activities together and watch your connection blossom once again.

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