Are you in need of something to kickstart things in the bedroom?

Look no further! Our brand new couples activities are here and they're ready to be yours for FREE!

Just simply choose your style: kinky or sexy and prepare to begin your monthly challenge!

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Image by Beazy

Bringing a new meaning to the game "bingo"


Fancy a fun couples game to up your intimacy this month? Look no further!

  • Choose your style: kinky or sexy

  • Download and print off your bingo sheet

  • Pin it up somewhere private and start tallying up those points!

  • Top points= the SEXIEST of activities

Finish on a low score? What a great excuse to try again next month!

Image by Taisiia Shestopal
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Need something a little less sexy, a little more "save my relationship"?
Your first step towards more relationship happiness is ready for you...

If you're in a relationship slump right now and you need something a little less "sex me up" and more "get me out of this rut" I've got you covered.

Every relationship has it's ups and downs and in those moments of high stress, it's the unsexy work that pulls us through- the serious chats about wants/ needs/ goals/ concerns.

Yup, the leg work needs doing!

To make this conversation super easy for you, I've created a relationship check in template that prompts you as a couple to check in about the real stuff. It'll guide you through the conversations you need to have (regularly!) helping you get back on track.