6 Tools You Need for Healthy Sexual Relationships

Learn how to take care of women's sexual health, have crazy good sex and healthy sexual relationships all with the help of 6 simple tools today. Discover my ultimate selection of tools that will improve your sex and relationships today!

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I’ve been thinking lately about all the sexy and non-sexy things that help me maintain my sexual happiness and wellbeing- those tools that keep me happy, healthy and not completely burnt out.

The things that help me have healthy sexual relationships ultimately.

As we all know, the brain is the biggest sex organ so keeping yourself as stress-free as possible is the #1 thing you can do to sustain a crazy good sex life.

So, that said I’ve compiled a small list of the bits and bobs that keep me happy and moving forward in an effort to get you thinking about what keeps YOU going…and if there are any gaps that need filling ASAP!

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The Essential Tools for women's sexual health

The Book: Come As You Are by Dr Emily Nagoski

Ah, this beautiful book is just everything. I haven’t even finished it yet and I know it’s holy grail material- it’s that good.

I’m planning on writing a blog on all the deliciousness I’ve learned so I don’t want to give away any spoilers BUT if you want to learn more about sexuality OR if you’re feeling confused/ overwhelmed/ not good enough because of your sexuality- YOU NEED THIS BOOK.

Emily uses science (easy science!) to demystify what’s going on in our bodies and why we don’t need to feel bad about sex.

She breaks down stereotypes about women and sex and gives you the knowledge you need to tackle whatever’s going on in your love life right now.

If you want healthy and happy sexual relationships for more than five minutes I highly recommend investing in this book.

The Protection: Condoms

When it comes to condoms I’m gradually getting less awkward- I admit I’m 30 and buying condoms still makes me grimace a little!

BUT I've found a way around it- online purchasing HELLOOOOO.

Seriously I buy everything else online so why didn't I think of this sooner?

Less awkwardness, more choice, actual real life reviews!

My credit card hates me, but my HEALTH love me for being an actual adult and taking responsibility.

Click here to grab these essential for crazy good AND SAFE sex!

The Sex Toy: Micro Magic Wand

Ah sex toys- I think we’re all aware how much I love them (will this website ever have enough sex toy guides? Never!).

Sex toys are a fabulous way to explore your sexuality, to learn about your body and to experience new pleasure.

They're perfect for solo play or as an addition to any healthy sexual relationship!

The first thing I did in my route to sexual fulfilment was ban sex with anyone but myself (drastic times called for drastic measures) and when I felt ready I bought a mini sex toy haul.

Now you don’t need to jump onto LoveHoney and fill up your basket right now, BUT I do recommend masturbation in GENERAL as something that is key to your sexual happiness.

Knowing your body and how you experience pleasure is going to improve your sex life tenfold.

I mean, how can you expect a partner to do IT right if you don’t know what IT is?

One of my favourite sex toys has to be the Micro Magic Wand. It’s small and discreet- so travelling isn’t an issue nor is living at home with the ‘rents- AND it’s easy to use alone or with partner/s.

Click to find out more about my favourite sex toy!

The App: Clue

Well, I’ve never been so connected and informed about my body until I downloaded this period tracker app! Anyone who knows me knows I’m sick A LOT and so my motivation for grabbing one of these apps was to track patterns with my health and OH BOY did I find them!

It might seem silly to some but *for me* being able to have solid proof that my IBS, fatigue and migraines were worse at certain distinguishable points in my cycle was incredibly useful.

It was affirming.

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This tool has enabled me to take better care of myself, be kinder to myself and reminded me to consider my reproductive and sexual health too.

I can’t tell you the ins and outs of all period tracker apps but Clue enables you to track not only your period but a whole host of other things connected with your health too.

There is a paid version and a free version of the app and I have the free version which enables me to track my sex drive, bleeding, digestive health, PMS, skin type and more! So it really takes into account your whole health which I seriously appreciate.

I’m all for that holistic, whole-hearted approach to women’s care.

Click here to get all CLUE-d up!

The Podcast: Guys We F****d 'The Anti-Slutshaming podcast'

This was the podcast that started it all for me.

Seriously, if it wasn’t for me blasting these ladies through my earphones I wouldn’t be here whittling on to you about healthy sexual relationships today (so you can thank/ curse them for all this!)

Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson are the beautiful comedians behind GUYS WE F****D; a podcast which uses laughter as the vehicle to work against all the sh*tty taboos that surround sex and women.

It might seem ridiculous, but listening to ladies speak openly and honestly and SHAMELESSLY about all things sexual helped me immensely. I can’t stress enough how much good surrounding yourself with sex positive voices does for your sexuality and feeling connected.

I highly recommend tuning into a sex positive podcast and watching your confidence grow. Listening to other women talk about sex consciously and unconsciously gives YOU permission to talk too- and that’s what I’m all about babe.

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The Sex Aid: YES LUBE

Ah Lube, amazing.

If there’s one thing that’s going to skyrocket your sexual experiences it’s this little cutie.

I recently wrote a *mini* blog on Instagram (apparently I’m incapable of keeping captions short and snappy, who knew?) It was all about the misconceptions about lube and how I’m officially a convert…AND how I’m itching to convert you too.

I used to believe lube was just for old people and people who were struggling, I was super small-minded and MISSING OUT because of it!

In actual fact, these tubes of goodness can take a sexual experience from zero to hero immediately. If you’re experiencing discomfort; if you’re on the drier side; if your medication is wreaking havoc down below OR if you just want to make things more FUN.

You need a good quality tube of lube.

And I say good quality because your sexual health is not something to mess around with babe. There’s a lot of nasties in lubes that cost 50p from the local market so MAKE SURE you invest in something skin-safe!

Personally, I LOVE Yes lubricants because they’re all hypoallergenic, PH balanced for the vag, they don’t have any weird tastes or smells AND they’re compatible with all kinds of condoms *safety first*. Also, essentially, they don’t make me feel like my insides are burning!

More than anything else in this list lube is the #1 that’s going to support your sexual health directly.

As soon as you add lube to a sexual experience you’re just making everything easier on yourself.

Cut yourself some slack eh?

Find your perfect lube by clicking here!