Are You Missing this Essential Ingredient from Your Sex Life?

Make sure your sex life is as fulfilling as possible by exploring clitoral stimulation. Read about the toy that is essential for explosive sex AND which positions promote clitoral stimulation here!

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In today’s blog I wanted to talk about something that could make the difference between an INCREDIBLE sexual experience and a disappointing one. That something? Clitoral stimulation.

Lots of women can’t actually achieve orgasm, or experience sexual pleasure, through penetration alone they need some clitoral stimulation for this to happen.

So all of those movie scenes that come out of Hollywood where the guy is pounding the girl and she’s screaming the house down? Yeah that’s not reality for A LOT of women (and for a lot of reasons if we’re honest).

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The clitoris is an amazing part of the female anatomy, it has 8000 nerve endings (more than any other part of a male or female body) and yet lots of ladies who talk to me about improving their sex life don’t know anything about it.

Unfortunately there’s still lots of norms in sex and “penetrative sex as priority” is one of those. Hence the clitoris gets ignored.

But the reality is for a fulfilling sex life you need to:

  1. Get to know your body and how it receives pleasure (you may be someone who needs clitoral stimulation to enjoy sex)

  2. Communicate these desires and needs to your partner

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This is why today I thought I’d share some information about clitoral stimulation because if this is something you want to explore, or you know you NEED to experience pleasure, then it’s best to be informed.

Also, I really want to introduce you to a new sex toy I’m rating at the moment; a sex toy that makes clitoral stimulation a priority.

Define “Clitoral Stimulation” Exactly

The clitoris must be one of the most unassuming parts of our body; it just looks like a tiny little nub at the top of the vulva. When in actual fact, its structure is quite large under the surface, shaped like a wishbone and with all those nerve endings- it’s VERY sensitive to touch.

Stimulating the clitoris then takes gentleness and precise action. It’s definitely not a case of go hard or go home!

The best thing to do is experiment with what works for you in solo play, or with your partner, and see how you like to be touched.

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Women often need direct and consistent clitoral stimulation so don’t be disappointed if it takes a while for you to enjoy; as much as people call the clitoris “the button” you can’t press it one time and expect miracles!

How to Incorporate Clitoral Stimulation into Your Sex Life

Now you know more about what clitoral stimulation is, how can you effortlessly add some to your sex life without having to bend over backwards and become a sexual Goddess?

Pick Your Positions Wisely

The best thing you can do, if you need clitoral stimulation to enjoy sex, is choose positions that stimulate the clitoris. This article shares different positions that promote clitoral action but two super popular ones include: girl on top (because your partners pelvis rubs against your clitoris) and doggy style (because you can enjoy double stimulation if your partner rubs your clitoris at the same time). Alternatively, you can use different techniques to target the clitoris. For example: using pillows to position yourself appropriately and using your hands to self-stimulate during sex.

Use Sex Toys to Target the Clitoris

There are specific toys that are designed to stimulate the clitoris- vibrators, magic wands and dildos to name a few. There’s lots to choose from and I’m going to share my new favourite below! Related: The Ultimate Guide to Sex Toys for Women

Start with Masturbation

As I mentioned above, the first step to great sexual experiences is knowing your own body.

The best way you can get to know your own body is look at it, touch it, experience it.

Reading about pleasure is one thing but experiencing it for yourself is completely separate because ALL of our bodies are unique. So masturbation is absolutely the way forward for you!

This article has some fabulous, detailed suggestions on ways to masturbate that promote clitoral stimulation.

Once you get the hang of what works for you make sure you share what you learn with your partner so they can incorporate it into your sex life with them too.

Why Lovehoney is My Favourite Retailer for Sex Toys

Before I make my recommendations I just want to be super transparent… I always think if you read a few of my blogs you’ll wonder why I share so much about Lovehoney and steer away from other sex toy retailers so I like to be honest about why this is so no one thinks I’m being dishonest!

I’m an affiliate for Lovehoney but I don’t work for them and this isn’t a sponsored post by them. The simple reason why I’m an affiliate for them and I talk about them on this website is this:

They’re the only sex toy retailer I use now! I wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending anyone else because personally I don’t buy my sex toys from anyone else.

LoveHoney sell both high end and more affordable sex toys; they offer big brands like Lelo and Yes Lubricant; they come in discreet packaging and they share education and support as well as selling products.

They are an awesome brand who I absolutely get on board with 100% and so because of that you’ll see them mentioned in this blog and scattered around the website.

Lovehoney x Womanizer ROMP Switch- A Collaboration Worth Shouting About..?

So, that said, I couldn’t talk about clitoral stimulation without speaking about clitoral suction vibrators.

They sort of sound like a medieval torture device but I assure you they’re absolutely the opposite!

I’ve recently enjoyed my first foray with a clitoral suction vibrator in the form of the Womanizer ROMP Switch.

Lovehoney have collaborated with Womanizer to bring its customers the ROMP Switch in an exclusive purple colour (so cute!)

And, I can see why they picked this toy to collaborate on!

Here’s why:

Clitoral suction vibrators have been designed to replicate the feeling of oral sex by offering vibrations as well as a gentle sucking motion on your clitoris.

The pleasure they offer is SUPER precise and focused on the clitoris so if you like clitoral stimulation (like me) this is the toy for YOU.

Also, if you like oral sex but you’re not currently partnering up then again- this could be the answer to your sexual prayers.

The Womanizer Romp Switch is really discreet too as it doesn’t make much noise (thanks to the air technology involved in the motions) and it’s a lot smaller than I thought it’d be (fabulous for travelling and storing away from roving eyes/ hands).

Check out the brand new Lovehoney x Womanizer ROMP Switch here (for more info and to get your own!)