Sex Toys for Beginners: Here's What You Need to Know

(This is a guest post) Discover how to use sex toys and the best sex toys for women in this guide! Learn all about sex toys for beginners and the best sex toys for couples. If this is your first time using sex toys, or you want to introduce a sex toy into your relationship, this guide is an essential read.

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First of all I want to say a massive thank you to the amazing women over here for inviting me to write a blog post for them. I was so excited as I love their podcasts and am an avid listener.

I love what this website stands for, being able to be open, honest and to talk about sex and relationships with out the fairytale bullshit on top.

It's Okay to Try a Sex Toy

With this in mind I want to chat about Sex toys.

Something that for ages I felt ashamed to say I wanted to use. I felt embarrassed to say I had a vibrator at home in my knicker draw and YES I use it on my own. I even felt embarrassed to say I masturbated, regularly.

It’s the most annoying and patronising thing to say, but being comfortable with your body and what pleasures you all comes with age.

So I’ve done my research and have cultivated some most common questions about sex toys for all you first timers.

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When Should You Introduce Sex Toys into Your Relationship?

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of using sex toys with partners but never felt like I could be the one to introduce them, mainly because I didn’t want my partner to feel inadequate.

It’s always a difficult topic to bring up for the first time, no matter how comfortable you may feel with someone.

Doing things for the first time can always be a little daunting.

I’m an over thinker so of course I over thought this too which resulted in a 2 and half year relationship without really exploring my fantasies and sexual limits. What a waste.

When it comes to relationships is there really one rule that suits all? NO.

BUT it’s common that after a certain amount of time we can all become a little too comfortable with someone, letting those impulsive quickies before heading out to dinner with the parents, lets hope not too quick, become a thing of the past.

If this is becoming your reality, bite the bullet, ask the question and GET YOUR ARSE OVER TO LOVE HONEY AND GET ORDERING.

Which Sex Toy Should You Buy?

First things first, if you’re in a relationship make sure you do this together. This is all part of the fun!

Getting excited about whats coming, no pun intended, really adds to the whole sex toy experience.

Especially when it’s your first time.

Choosing your first sex toy can be daunting, as there is so bloody many to choose from but don’t let that overwhelm you, build up your collection like you would build up your lipsticks.

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Sites like Love honey have great start up packs to choose from with a selection of kinky toys to get you going. They usually include a butt plug, vibrator, dildo, anal beads, jiggle balls and cock rings, something I would definitely recommend you getting if you’re not sure what you like yet.

If you’re going solo then a rabbit is your best option, getting both types of stimulation, what more could you ask for?

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Your First Impressions of a Sex Toy

Today’s the day.

Your box of goodies has arrived, feels like Christmas and your birthday wrapped into one without the awkward family chats with your uncle that you haven’t spoken to all year and that horrid reminder that your one year older.

You unwrap the box and lay everything out in front of you. You start exploring what each one can do, some are more obvious then others.

You will probably come across a few that you think to yourself “where does this even go?”, or “I put that where?” or “can I use it on him too?”.

I think the best and most pleasurable way to figure out what to do with all your new toys is to try them out.

Throw away your “guide book” and have fun.

My personal over all first impression when trying out sex toys for the first time was “I can’t believe I haven’t tried them before”.

Using a Sex Toy Alone

I was always ashamed to admit that I masturbated, watched porn and use sex toys by myself.


It’s scientifically proven that having orgasms actually improves on our health.

The hormone oxytocin is released from nerve cells into the hypothalamus (a part of the brain) into the bloodstream, therefore helping us to relax and de-creasing stress levels.

They are also known to boost our infection fighting cells by 20%, therefore helping to stop headaches/migraines and preventing the common cold.

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So why are a lot of women ashamed to say they masturbate?

If men can happily speak about “having a wank” then why can’t women have open decisions about it too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little sex toy talk, I hope to be able to venture more on intimate topics over on my own blog soon. Another massive thank you to the girls behind The Good Sex for allowing me to speak freely about this topic and sharing it on their blog for you all to enjoy.

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