How to Be a Sex-Positive Feminist

Discover why feminism is important to our sex and relationships and the 3 keys to becoming a more sex- positive feminist today!

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The 3 Keys to Being Sex-Positive AND a Feminist

Annoyingly women are still being pigeon-holed into tiny little spaces in this world. As someone told me the other day, as a woman you can either be sexy OR serious but not both.

I believe we can and should do better. There is zero need to feel like because of how you identify your options are limited.

And so, in the spirit of progression here's 3 of the keys to being a kinder, more accepting and sex-positive kind of woman... a feminist if you will.

1. Remember, You Can Be Multi-faceted

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to feel beautiful or sexy AND wanting to be a champion for women’s rights. Feminism is about choice; about women being able to have choice and exercise their right to choice.

We’re all guilty of judging and categorising people; in the best case scenario this makes it easier for us to understand, empathise and connect with others and in the worst case scenario this is because we’re just plain ignorant.

Regardless of why we do it though, reducing ourselves/ women/ others to one single thing really is a disservice. We’re all multi-faceted humans and embracing that is empowering.

When you own the fact you can be anyone and anything you want ALL AT THE SAME TIME your opportunities are endless.

2. Be aware of your influences

The media is everywhere these days- small or big screen, communities and families- you can’t escape external influences. Therefore you need to get more intentional and decisive about what you consume.

There is a history of women’s bodies being public space unfortunately; be aware of this, don’t let other people and sources impose meaning onto you without your consent.

Similarly, ensure you look at various resources before creating an opinion on something- whether that be how you should conduct your relationships, what type of sex you should be having or what constitutes ‘beautiful’ or ‘acceptable behaviour’ for a woman these days.

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3. Regardless, use your voice

You can be sexual and serious, you can be a feminist and sex positive BUT please speak up! Regardless of how you identify or whether you like to be naked or not, the best thing we can all do to progress women’s rights is speak up for the causes that need our voices and attention.

It shouldn’t matter what you look like or what you want to do in the bedroom; each of us should still be granted space, opportunity and power to advocate for what we believe in.

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