4 Sex Toy Kits For Couples Looking to Boost Their Sex Life Today

Need a sex life boost? These sex toys kits are PERFECT for couples looking to add a spark back into their sex life and get reconnected intimately.

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As you get older and your relationship matures (a nice way of putting you’ve been together YEARS and you’re losing track of time) you naturally look for easy ways to do things.

Easy ways to cook (meal planning), easy ways to occupy the kids (Ipad, anyone?) and easy ways to stay connected...SEX TOYS!

You knew that was coming, right?

It’s absolutely no secret that I think sex toys are a fabulous way to spice up your sex life, have fun and stay connected with your partner sexually.

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However, something I always get asked by couples when I talk about toys is- what sex toy should we buy? Which sex toys work for couples? How do we know what to try first?

So today I wanted to write a blog about sex toy kits because honestly, they are the easiest way to shop for a sex toy without the pressure of knowing what to buy AND they’re usually a bargain too.

Saving money and time= win!

Why Bother Using a Sex Toy with Your Partner?

Firstly, I want to plead my case for trying a sex toy with your partner because I know for some the thought will be super intimidating.

Sex toys are one of the easiest ways to bring something new to the table in a relationship that's gone a bit stale, as well as aid you in working out who you are sexually.

For long distance couples they're awesome at bridging the gap because you can use remote control vibrators which are now controlled by apps (gotta love that sextech revolution!) Meaning you can be together even when you're not actually together.

For long term relationships a toy is the easiest way to spice things up- you can have fun choosing it together and it's even more fun when it arrives!

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Sex toys for couples are great because ultimately they're a way to invest in your relationship and each other. Regardless of how long you've been together there's always room for growth and new experiences are important for bonding.

The Reason I Rate Sex Toy Kits for Couples

Sex toy kits are something I started looking into last year. I always receive LoveHoney’s email newsletter about all their new offers and the kits began appearing so I thought I’d check them out.

And, honestly I was sold on the concept right away.

Instead of sifting through lots of different products, reviews and descriptions to find what would work for me and my partner these kits were ready made.

5 Reasons Why I’m a Sex Toy Kit Convert Now:

  1. Time Checking out the kits on offer instead of looking through a whole website of choices is so much easier and quicker.

  2. Better value The price of kits for what you get in them is usually amazing value as you save on price!

  3. Choice A kit is what it says on the tin, multiple sex toys and sexual wellness products. This is SO much better, in my opinion, when you’re not sure what you want but you want to try something new; there’s more choice for less money.

  4. Ease If you’re super unsure about what to buy, you don’t know your Mini Wand from your Butt Plug these kits will make navigating the buying process a lot easier. The kits are often ready made in themes e.g. bondage, anal, first time fun… You can pick what turns you on and then let the kit do the rest.

  5. Fun When your sex toy kit arrives it’s like Christmas! You have so many new things to try, even if you’re going through a dull patch in your sex life this is guaranteed to add some excitement back in.

There’s lots of other benefits to sex toy kits but they’re my top five, sold? Let’s start talking about kits on offer now!

My Favourite Sex Toy Retailer

A little disclaimer before I move onto sharing some fabulous sex toys for couples, all of these kits are from LoveHoney.

This isn’t a sponsored post and I don’t secretly work for LoveHoney BUT they’re the only sex toy retailer I use now so that’s who I recommend. I wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending anyone else because personally I don’t use anyone else!

LoveHoney sell both high end and more affordable sex toys; they offer big brands like Lelo and Yes Lubricant; they come in discreet packaging and they share education and support as well as selling products.

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All of this combines to make LoveHoney my sex toy retailer of choice and who I write about on this blog.

I hope this is *okay* for you all, if you’d like to try another retailer, absolutely use this blog for inspiration and then have a look online for something different. Most sexual wellness brands now stock sex toy kits so I’m sure you’ll find something alternative that fits the bill for you!

Other retailers I’ve been told are good are:

I can’t speak from personal experience with these shops so please do your own research and ensure they are everything you want- no one wants to waste their money!

4 Sex Toy Kits for Couples Looking to Spice Up Their Sex Life

Turn Me On Clitoral Vibrator Kit

It’s well known that most women need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm, and so when picking sex toys I always recommend (if this is you) to account for this in what you choose.

This kit has been designed around that whole purpose; to stimulate your clitoris and make sure you have a great time alongside your partner.

The Turn Me On Clitoral Vibrator Kit is a six piece kit which includes two vibrating toys and four textured sleeves for mixing up the pleasure.

I’d say this is a great sex toy kit if you’re just diving into sex toy domain because it’s not super intimidating and it’s a way to invite your partner into your pleasure.

CLICK HERE to check it out!

Get Started Beginners Anal Kit

This four piece kit is great for those looking to explore anal play for the first time.

The kit includes a butt plug, probe, vibrating anal beads and a vibrating butt plug.

All the toys have been specifically chosen for beginners so nothing is too intimidating or too big for a first timer as well.

CLICK HERE to check it out!

All You Need Bondage Kit

So this kit is a BIG one!

A 20-piece kit including everything you could want to explore your kinky side! There’s sex toys, bondage gear and lots of items for sensory play.

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The kit has been created specifically to cater for progressive play, meaning that whether you’re a complete bondage beginner or you’re already a fan the different items have been chosen so you can explore on different levels.

This is a mega kit for sure and it’s fab for adding something different to the bedroom.

CLICK HERE to check it out!

Wicked Weekend Jumbo Couples Sex Toy Kit

Another kit with lots of choices!

This kit has many options for couples meaning if you’re not completely sure what you want to try but you know you want to spice things up, this one's for you.

It’s a twelve piece kit with toys for G-spots, anal play, clitoral play and more! You even get some kinky pieces like a blindfold and a paddle so there’s A LOT of opportunity for fun!

CLICK HERE to check it out!

Need More Help Deciding Which Sex Toy is For You..?

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