The 7 Keys to a Fulfilling Polyamorous Relationship

Learn how to have a successful polyamorous relationship in 7 easy steps. This is sex and relationship advice for all the polyamorous women out there!

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I'm very aware that I've been bitten by the monogamy bug- AKA: I've been raised in such a way that monogamy was presented as the only option.

Anything outside of two soulmates finding each other and living happily ever after just didn't make sense for a long time.

I'm definitely still learning and in the process of opening up to new ideas and opportunities, however I thought I'd share some of what I've learned so far.

7 Ways You Can Create a Successful Polyamorous Relationship

Seven valuable lessons I've nailed down- so far- to help create a successful polyamorous relationship...

1. Communicate openly

It seems to be the buzz phrase at the moment but that’s because it’s so necessary, especially in regards to opening up relationships or trying something new.

Finding a safe way to communicate your interests and feelings with your partner/s is key.

As in every true partnership, communication needs to be flowing throughout for you to build and move forward together.

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2. Guide your relationship but don’t push it into something it isn't

When changing the shape of your relationship, inviting new partner/s in or building on a current partnership, don’t coerce or force anything- progression should always be natural.

3. Give each person a voice

Relationships and people are complex so allow everyone’s thoughts into the pot.

Support each other in communicating needs and desires and build on these to create partnerships that are fulfilling for all.

4. Be specific about your needs and wants

Being in any sort of open relationship takes a lot of thought, not just about what you want but also what you need.

Be realistic, take some time to reflect and communicate honestly about what you need.

You may need to have a stern talking to yourself.

5. Believe that polyamory is a positive not a negative

Don’t assume being polyamorous can save a relationship but similarly don’t blame your or your partners openness for any problems either.

Honesty and respect are essential in every relationship; respect each other and what you’ve built.

6. Don't try to compete with other partners

When your partner is building a new partnership don’t assume you know what they need, who the partner is truly or what shape the partnership will take.

Be as supportive as possible, focus on yourself and don’t get dragged into keeping score.

7. Remember to take care of yourself!

Don’t do things solely for the benefit of others and don’t neglect yourself.

More people in a relationship doesn’t mean less love or support for yourself.

Particularly when partners are busy, take the opportunity to engage in some good old fashioned self care.