The Ultimate Guide to the Best Sex Toys for Women

Discover the best sex toys for women and the sex toys that will make your sex and relationships even BETTER today! Find out which sex toys are ideal for beginners, where to buy sex toys, the best sex toys for couples and read sex toy reviews.

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Thanks to the good old internet gone are the days when buying a sex toy means having to delve into back streets and deal with seedy men who rub their thighs too hard when you're looking at latex!

Sex still sells but it now sells in beautiful boutiques and arrives in discreet boxes to your home address. Embarrassment and accessibility no longer need deter you from adding a sex toy to your bedroom antics.

However some of the most common questions I get asked at The Good Sex are around sex toys and the what/why/how of it all par example:

Which sex toys are best for beginners?

What toy is good for clitoral stimulation?

Which sex toys are best for women?

Should I introduce a sex toy into my relationship?

Which sex toys are best for couples?


So, in this ULTIMATE GUIDE to sex toys I'm going to share with you my favourite sex toy retailers, why a sex toy is a great idea for couples, the best sex toys for beginners and where you can find even more *specific* info to help you choose the best sex toy for YOU!

This is all about you after all.

Why You Should Buy a Sex Toy

As we all know by now- because I continuously hammer on about it- the first step to creating a sex life that fulfils you is getting to know yourself properly.

And, sex toys are a fabulous- and fun- way to do this!

Sex toys can help you step out of your comfort zone and explore what really turns you on and off; they help you get to know your body and experience new pleasure.

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There is such a huge variety of toys out there now; there's something to satisfy, fit, intrigue and excite EVERYONE.

Buying sex toys is about exploration, trial and error and FUN- I really really encourage you to just get online and start having a look at what toys and sexual accessories are available (my favourite retailers are below!)

Sex toys aren't just hard plastic vibrators anymore and they don't have to be super intimidating; they aren't just for a certain type of person or experience...YOU ARE ALLOWED TO TRY THEM!

Buying sex toys now can- and should- be an enjoyable experience...they are TOYS after all!

Why You Should Buy a Sex Toy As a Couple

Sex toys are one of the easiest ways to bring something new to the table in a relationship that's gone a bit stale, as well as aid you in working out who you are sexually.

For long distance couples they're awesome at bridging the gap because you can use remote control vibrators which are now controlled by apps (gotta love that sextech revolution). Meaning you can be together even when you're not actually together.

For long term relationships a toy is the easiest way to spice things up- you can have fun choosing it together (reading sex toy reviews is one of my fav things to do FYI if you want a giggle just try this!) and it's even more fun when it arrives!

Sex toys for couples are great because ultimately they're a way to invest in your relationship, and each other. Regardless of how long you've been together there's always room for growth and new experiences are important for bonding.

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My Favourite Sex Toy Retailer

So I only really recommend one sex toy retailer and that's because they're who I use, I trust and who I have had fabulous customer service with previously! And that is: Lovehoney- my number one sex toy retailer! Worldwide-ish!

Lovehoney offer sex toys at every price point and for every type of experience and they're who I've been buying my own sex toys from for years now - so these are who I recommend if you'd like to consider buying yourself a toy :)

Of course there are lots more retailers out there but I only feel comfortable recommending retailers who I know and use!

Where You Can Find More Help to Choose a Sex Toy

Will this website ever have enough sex toy reviews or recommendations or guides? Probably not is the answer!

So if you're looking for some more specific help, check out the following:

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Find out what else you need (alongside your lovely sex toy) to keep yourself healthy and happy sexually

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Learn how a sex toy can form part of your self care routine

How to use sex toys (and masturbate) to feel less self conscious in bed!

The Best Sex Toys To Choose From

Now onto the fun part...let's find you the best sex toys and build a sex life that excites you!

Disclaimer: There's obviously a world of toys past what I'm recommending- this is meant to be a starting point for you.



No, not the type 50 Cent got shot with, although 9 of these at once would certainly do some damage... Bullet vibrators are small and mighty!

They're super discreet- ideal for travelling or hiding in your knicker draw if you live at home- and if you’re on the market for your first sex toy this is an easy first buy.

Intended for external use, they're perfect for those who solely enjoy clitoral stimulation.

Click here to find a bullet that works for you!

Magic Wands

Well the clue is in the name, these little babies are fairy dust for your fanny!

They can be used in solo or partnered play, they come in all different sizes and speeds and they can be used for sensual massages too. Again, they're built for clitoral stimulation and external use.

And, if you're to believe everything Sex and the City told us they also calm screaming babies. Seriously magical!

Click here to find your magic wand!


The infamous bunny rabbit; clitoral and vaginal stimulation in one place. You can get mini rabbits, extra girthy rabbits, silent rabbits and rabbits with suction cups.

The possibilities are endless and they're super popular for a reason- do yourself a favour and try some ears out.

Click here to find your ideal rabbit!

Bondage Sex Toys


A super easy way to introduce some bondage fun into the bedroom comes in the form of handcuffs!

Coming in various materials and styles, restraints encourage you to get imaginative with different positions and even entice a bit of role play...

Click to find handcuffs that'll drive them wild!


Why not go all Fifty Shades and get some masks on the go? Depriving your partner of one of their senses is an easy way to heighten sensations and make experiences hotter than ever.

Click to find a mask that fits!



By starting small and working your way up there are lots of opportunities for pleasure with dildo's.

You can strap on or use them alone; you can choose a realistic looking dildo (veins= extra pleasure) or a glass dildo (for temperature play); there are even double ended dildo's for double the fun!

Click to find a dildo that suits you!


To strap-on or not to strap-on that is the question!

Switch things up a bit and get creative with a strap-on.

You can buy harnesses separately or purchase the whole kit together; and with the amazing range of dildo's on offer the possibilities are endless.

Click to find the perfect strap on for you!

Anal Sex Toys

Anal Beads

Take pleasure to a different place altogether with anal beads! A great step into anal play, you can use beads in solo sex or partnered fun.

Some beads vibrate and others can be added in for double penetration; just pull them out at the right time and you'll be a happy bunny!

Click to find anal beads for your budget!

Butt Plugs

Another way to dip your toe in the anal pool *gross image alert*

Butt plugs are pretty self-explanatory and can be used to make masturbation more fun as well as partnered sexy time.

They're also great tools in foreplay and to support you in working up to having full anal sex.

Click to find a butt plug to rock your world!

Couples Sex Toys

Cock Rings

They're the most popular sex toy for couples and you can understand why- you just slip them on and hey presto! Stronger erections, huge vibrations and increased fun!

There's also lots more variety than there used to be- OH HELLO BUNNY EARS- so shop around and find one that suits your style of fun.

Click to find the cock ring of your dreams!


Being in the bedroom should be fun. Include some games in your sexy collection and you'll always have something to depend on when things fall a bit flat (or you can't be bothered to put the good pants on!)

Think sexy scavenger hunts and IOU cards...

Click to find a sexy game for you and yours!

Moulding Sets

Okay, I know it's not a toy but I couldn't resist! Get yourself a Clone-A- Willy or Clone-A- Pussy set and get moulding your partners privates for your pleasure.

It's fun when you're doing it and it's even more fun when it's all done and dusted... you won't regret it, girl.

Click to get creative and find your set now!