2021: a year of highs, lows and everything in between! Make sure you end the year with intention with this couples tool.


“2021” is a couples activity that will give you the opportunity to reflect on the year that’s been whilst building connection and intimacy in your relationship!


The tool consists of 42 questions for couples to discuss together, reflecting on the year in their relationship- the fun bits, the vulnerable bits, the tough bits and the intimate moments! This is a year- in- review tool giving couples the chance to end the year feeling more connected and in tune than ever as you share exactly how it was for you and yours.


As a Sex and Relationships educator I know it’s super important in relationships that we grow together- this means creating opportunities to reconnect and be intimate with each other. Checking in, asking the big questions and actually *listening* to one another is a perfect opportunity to boost your intimate relationship and satisfaction! End 2021 on a loving high!




  • Download PDF (it’ll be in your Etsy account and emailed to you once purchase is confirmed)
  • Print out the PDF one sided
  • Cut/ rip up all 42 questions 
  • Fold the questions up and put them in a jar/ box/ hat!
  • Take it in turns to choose a question and ask it of each other- either in one sitting, or spread the activity over a few dates towards the end of the year!



- Couples looking for a fun tool to end the year with intention and to help them feel closer than ever to their partner
- Couples in a long term relationship and feeling disconnected from each other after a difficult year
- Couples who would like the chance to reflect on their year together
- Couples who are looking for a tool to keep them connected during the holiday period  


The questions in this printable have been taken from my work as a qualified Sex and Relationships educator. They have all been designed to increase intimacy and connection- and help you have fun!


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me before purchasing- I want you to be happy and buy the right product for your relationship!

Couples End of Year Activity: Year in Review

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