Are you in a long term relationship and wondering where all the excitement has gone? Do you look back fondly on your early days and wonder when you just started coexisting together? 


Are you worrying that how it is now is how it’s going to be FOREVER? No passion, bored and sitting on the sofa opposite each other each night in silence?


If you love your partner but your relationship has hit a slump- this course is for you!


The reconnection mini course gives you PRACTICAL tools to get your relationship back to feeling fresh, exciting and loving ASAP!


Four lessons = Four couples activities to help you fall back in love and remember why you chose each other


>> This course is PRACTICAL, INTERACTIVE AND NOT ALL THEORY! I believe in couples being intentional about their happiness, using simple tools to bring BIG results to their relationship happiness.


This course combines many different tools I’ve used with 100’s of couples as a Qualified Sex and Relationship Educator.




There are four lessons: each lesson has an audio on the subject and an accompanying workbook of activities for you and your partner.


The lessons look at: your communication, how you spend your time together, your relationship satisfaction and growth and your future goals.





The course is for couples who are feeling disconnected from each other…


  • Couples who are lacking passion, direction, purpose, growth and excitement in their relationship

  • Couples where one or both partners are feeling unvalued or unloved

  • Couples who are struggling to communicate with each other about their life together

  • Couples who are deeply committed to each other but can’t work out what’s missing




This course is for any long term couple who are in need of help to get back on track. This course is not a symbol of the end of your relationship! Rather, I believe, we all need help now and again and actually by investing in this course you’re showing how important your partnership is to you and how you’re willing to work at it to improve it.


My purpose as an educator is to create accessible support for couples who want meaningful relationships- relationships aren’t easy so here’s to getting some help, you deserve to be happy!



If you have any questions about the product please message me before purchasing I'm happy to discuss!

Couples Relationship Course: Reconnection

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  • The course is within a private password-protected portal on this website. Once your purchase is final you will receive a downloadable PDF to your email address. Within this PDF are the instructions on how to access the course (the URL and password).

    If you have any issues please contact me and I will help you.