An easy to use 21 page workbook (+ free calendar printable) for couples who want to get serious about their relationship happiness and need a tool to support them!


This goal setting printable will help couples plan, set, achieve and reflect on relationship goals that will have a positive impact on their relationship satisfaction.


The printable includes:


  • A free calendar printable to help you keep track of your goals 

  • Guidance on how to set relationship goals

  • Goal setting worksheets tailor-made to support relationships

  • Guidance on staying on track to achieve relationship goals

  • A reflection exercise to help you keep moving forward after you’ve achieved your goal


This workbook is for:


  • Couples who want to get serious about improving their relationship and need guidance on how to do this

  • Couples who have lost the spark and are feeling disconnected from one another

  • Couples who need a simple tool to help them start achieving what they want in their relationship and get stronger as they do so

  • Couples who want a helping hand to work out what they should be doing next in their relationship (we all feel lost sometimes)


The activities in this printable couples workbook have been taken from my work as a qualified Sex and Relationships educator. They have all been designed to increase intimacy and connection by supporting you to take action to move your relationship forward in a way that takes into account your goals, wants and needs.


Specifically, this couples goal setting printable supports you to:


- Identify goals that will make a positive difference in your relationship

- Plan and set impactful relationship goals

- Take action to achieve your goals as easily as possible

- Reflect on your relationship goals so you can keep progression at the forefront of your relationship


I'm all about creating simple, accessible tools to help relationships stay on track- this is just one of them! 


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me before purchasing- I want you to be happy and buy the right product for your relationship

Grow With Goals: Couples Goal Setting Workbook

Excluding VAT
  • 1. Introducing Goal Setting for Relationships (+ Why It’s SO Important!)

    2. How to Set Goals for Your Relationships

    3. Setting Relationship Goals by Being SMART

    4. How to Achieve Your Relationship Goals

    5. Reflecting on Your Relationship Goals (+ Your Achievements)