Get intentional about your relationship happiness with these intimacy trackers for intimate relationships. 


MORE THAN just a blank intimacy tracker this bundle includes three intimacy trackers for relationships: two are pre-designed challenges for couples, and one is blank to be used for your specific needs.


You will receive a 10 DAYS OF INTIMACY tracker as well as a 10 DAYS OF FOREPLAY tracker to help you increase your connection as a couple!


Also included in this couples bundle, is an information sheet all about intimacy. From the point of view of a qualified Sex and Relationship educator I share information on why intimacy is important and, most significantly, HOW to cultivate it in your long term relationship (beyond sex!) I share examples on different forms of intimacy to help you feel inspired for improving your intimate relationship/s.




- Bored with their intimate life and want to spice things up (beyond and including sexual activity)
- Wishing for a fun couples activity to bring them closer to their partner
- Struggling to feel connected to their partner
- Wanting to explore their intimate life more widely, but unsure where to start...


The activities in this printable have been taken from my work as a qualified Sex and Relationships educator. They have all been designed to increase intimacy and connection, whilst also supporting you to get intentional about your relationship happiness.


This isn't just for couples who are struggling but a tool for us ALL to use to keep our long term relationships happy! I'm all about creating simple, accessible tools to help relationships stay on track- this is just one of them! 



If you have any questions please feel free to contact me before purchasing- I want you to be happy and buy the right product for your relationship!

Intimacy Trackers for Relationships

Excluding VAT
  • 1. 30 Days to… (blank intimacy tracker for you to complete)
    2. 10 Days of Foreplay (pre-designed intimacy tracker)
    3. 10 Days of Intimacy (pre-designed intimacy tracker)
    4.  Information Sheet on Intimacy (includes why intimacy is important for relationships, examples of ways to cultivate intimacy in your relationships and how to use the trackers included in the bundle)