MOVE OVER BORING DATE NIGHTS: here comes the ultimate intimacy-booster!


This couples activity is a super fun way to bring more intimacy to your relationship! In this 12 page PDF you’ll find 56 different cards, 56 different questions to ask your partner, giving you new opportunities to check in, reconnect and learn about each other!


It is very important in long term relationships that we grow together- this means creating opportunities to reconnect and be intimate with each other. Checking in, asking the big questions and actually *listening* to one another is a perfect opportunity to boost your intimate relationship and satisfaction.




  • Download PDF (it’ll be in your Etsy account and emailed to you once purchase is confirmed)

  • Print out the PDF one sided

  • Cut/ rip up all 56 questions 

  • Fold the questions up and put them in a jar/ box/ hat!

  • On your next date night take it in turns to pick questions out of the jar and ask one another. (Or alternatively, over 56 days you could make time each evening to pick one question out of the jar and discuss- building connection over a longer period of time and making time DAILY to be together.)


The 56 questions are split into the following categories (making it easy to remove a category if you don’t like the sound of it!):





The Future

“What If…”


There are also blank question cards for you to include your own questions too.


This printable couples activity is for couples who are:


- Bored with their usual date nights and want something new to spice it up!

- Wishing for a fun couples activity to bring them closer to their partner

- In a long term relationship and feeling disconnected from each other

- Wanting to feel close to their partner, build more intimacy into their relationship without the focus always being on sexuality


The questions in this printable have been taken from my work as a qualified Sex and Relationships educator. They have all been designed to increase intimacy and connection- and help you have fun!


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me before purchasing- I want you to be happy and buy the right product for your relationship!

Intimate: Intimacy Cards for Couples

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