An easy to use 15 page workbook for couples who need support with communication! Discover your Love Language and then use this tool to ease conflicts, boost connection and improve your relationship.


This workbook is for couples who:


- Find it difficult to communicate without it leading to conflict or a disagreement

- Have lost the spark and are feeling disconnected from one another

- Are struggling to communicate about how they feel and their needs in the relationship

- Need a simple (not scary!) tool to help them to boost their relationship happiness

- Want to use the Love Languages tool to support their relationship but aren’t sure where to begin!


This couples therapy style workbook is based on the work of Dr Gary Chapman; his work on the Love Languages which has helped couples all over the world strengthen and rebuild their relationships. This printable workbook serves to build on Dr Chapman’s work and support you in discovering and using your Love Languages as a couple to improve your communication, boost your relationship happiness and increase intimacy levels.


Specifically, this couples workbook:


- Defines the “Love Languages”

- Explains how your personal Love Languages can support your relationship happiness

- Gives you the opportunity to discover your Love Language and then reflect on how you can use this as a communication tool to support your wants and needs

- Shares cheat sheets on each Love Language (identifying what you should and shouldn’t be doing moving forward in your relationship to ensure relationship satisfaction)


I'm all about creating simple, accessible tools to help relationships stay on track- this is just one of them! 


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me before purchasing- I want you to be happy and buy the right product for your relationship!

Loving Conversations: Couples Communication Workbook

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  • 1. Introducing the Love Languages

    2. Your Personal Profiles

    3. Love Languages Cheat Sheets