MOVE OVER DATE NIGHT CARDS- here’s sexploration the cards that help boost intimate relationships!


The Kinky Edition of Sexploration has finally arrived and it's here to support you exploring your BDSM interests.


This is a super fun way to explore BDSM and bring more excitement to your sex and relationships! In this 14 page PDF you’ll find 66 different cards, 66 different BDSM-oriented sexual activities, giving you new ways to explore your sex life. 


The 66 activities are split into the following categories (making it easy to remove a category if you don’t like the sound of it!):


1. Impact play
2. Sex Acts
3. Sex Toys
4. Bondage
5. Humiliation/ power play
6. Role play


There are also blank cards for you to include your own ideas too.


This game activity is for couples who are:


- Interested in exploring BDSM and their kinky side and need a tool to help them
- Already engaged in BDSM play and wanting a fun activity to do together
- Looking for a fun, sexy date night activity
- Struggling to communicate about what they want to try next in the bedroom and so need a game to help them do just that!
- Wanting to explore their sex life more widely, especially in related to BDSM, but unsure where to start...


The activities in this printable have been taken from my work as a qualified Sex and Relationships educator. They have all been designed to increase intimacy and connection whilst enabling you to feel comfortable and safe- and have fun!


This game serves as a framework to help you explore your sexuality together, guiding you to work out what's next for you in the bedroom and supporting you to talk more openly about sex in a comfortable and safe way.


This isn't just for couples who are struggling but a tool for us ALL to use when our sex lives feel a bit lacklustre!


I'm all about creating simple, accessible tools to help relationships stay on track- this is just one of them! 


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me before purchasing- I want you to be happy and buy the right product for your relationship!

Sexploration: KINK EDITION Intimacy Cards for Couples

Excluding VAT

    - Download PDF (it’ll be ready to download upon purchase and emailed to you once purchase is confirmed)
    - Print out the PDF one sided
    - Cut/ rip up all 66 activities 
    - Fold the activities up and put them in a jar/ box/ hat!
    - Pick one activity out each time you fancy trying something new in the bedroom- there’s lots to choose from!