This Submissive journal is the first step for anyone interested or intrigued by submission.


If you would like to engage in Dom/ Sub play at some point but you have no idea where to start; what you'd like to try OR how you'd incorporate being a Submissive into your life- this journal is for you!

This 27 page journal is ideal for someone who is interested in becoming a Submissive but needs support to take that first step into BDSM play.

The journal has been designed to be used as a SELF-DISCOVERY tool for those interested in submission and BDSM in general. The guided questions help you to explore, reflect and analyse your desires in a way that will lead to a healthy and satisfying Submissive experience.

This product has been created by a qualified sex and relationship educator, and is fully guided (it's not just a few journaling questions!)


- Someone who is interested in becoming a Submissive or engaging in a Dom/ Sub relationship but unsure where to begin or what they are actually interested in particularly.
- Someone who is interested in submission, as part of sexual play, but needs help understanding what they want to try/ where their desires lie
- A Dom/ Sub couple who are just beginning and taking it slow, this journal would be fantastic for the Sub to explore their needs/ desires/ boundaries and for them to then share this with their Dom (a great conversation starter)

Submissive Journal for Beginners

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  • 1. Introduction: why and how the journal works
    2. Journaling questions: 17 intimate questions (plus some Q's with multiple parts)
    3. Summary section: Compiling your experience