An easy to use 27 page workbook (+ free calendar printable) for couples who want find themselves in a rut and want to boost their relationship happiness ASAP!


This workbook is for couples who:


- Have lost the spark and are feeling disconnected from one another

- Feel like something is missing from their relationship - something they can't quite put their finger on!

- Are struggling to communicate about how they feel and their needs

- Need a simple (not scary!) tool to help them reconnect and get back on track

- Want a helping hand to work out what they should be doing next in their relationship (we all feel lost sometimes)


The activities in this printable couples workbook have been taken from my work as a qualified Sex and Relationships educator. They have all been designed to increase intimacy and connection, whilst also supporting you to identify and communicate honestly about the reality of your relationship currently.


This workbook serves as a check in point for relationships- guiding you to work out where you're at currently, where you want to be and how to get there. Not just for couples who are struggling but a tool for us ALL to use when our relationships need a bit of a kick up the bum! 


Relationships take hard work after all :)


Specifically, this couples journal takes you through a series of guided activities to help you:


- Rediscover what's missing in your relationship

- Communicate about what you want and need

- Set relationship goals that will boost your relationship satisfaction


I'm all about creating simple, accessible tools to help relationships stay on track- this is just one of them! 


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me before purchasing- I want you to be happy and buy the right product for your relationship!

The Big Relationship Check Up: Couples Workbook

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  • 1.  Introducing The Relationship Audit

    2. The Relationship Audit Tool for Couples

    3. Talking About Your Relationship

    4. Setting Relationship Goals

    5. Making A Calendar Plan